Saturday, September 19, 2009

esk Market 20/09/2009

Big sis is sent in to test the water! Little sis is standing on the sidelines telling her to "hurry up - my turn!"

A right royal wave to mum as this lass shows her sister how it is all done.

When her feet can reach the deck, she will be a top hovercraft pilot!

It took a while to warm up, and the focus was intense for the first few laps.
The next lap, there is time for a cheeky grin to family.

Laid back and casual!

Can it go faster Mister?

Check out the video in the next post!


All eyes on the track!

Well, when the hairnet stays up that is!

Dad gave this lass a ride a few weeks ago. Today, Pop got dragged out to the market and all was revealed when he was informed about the hovercraft! We are thinking she will be lining up for frequent flyer points before long!

Our last two riders of the day are Thumbster fans!

Colin has had his suspicions for a looonnnngggggg time that Hovercraft are better than motorbikes (he should know cos he has the scars).
CONFIRMED!!!!! These guys reckon "Way cool! I want one!"

4 seasons in one day and enough wind to blow your sox off - but it is Spring and good weather is coming!?!

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